*** November 1997 Winner ***
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Congratulations to the winner of the Themekit questionnaire draw:

Marcia J. Talkmitt from VESAMOTEX at Slaton High School in Wilson, Texas, USA.

Marcia wins a free copy of the MindRender VR Explorer Kit.

Here are a few words from Marcia:

    "VESAMOTEX is committed to bringing affordable and practical Virtual Reality into the K-12 (4 year old - 18 year old) classroom whether it be with Internet based VRML applications or stand-alone classroom applications. As technology develops and cost factors decrease, we will develop and model applications relating specifically to science and math.
    "MindRender will enable us to utilize many devices that we already possess, such as the Forte VFX1 HMD, developing our own 'personal' VR programs. We can then share our products with others."

    Marcia J. Talkmitt, VESAMOTEX, December 1997.

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