Welcome to the VREK support page. If you have any questions that are not covered by the list bellow, please feel free to email us on FAQ@themekit.com.

The available recorded demonstrations.

These recordings can be played back using MindFormer. They will show you how to do certain operations in MindFormer that cannot be explained well in words. Watch carefully!

(n.b. To use these, download and copy to your mindformer directory and then type 'mf /playback <recorded.mfr>' from your trusty DOS prompt)
Click on a recording to download it...
1.How to draw simple shapes and how to load and save files. 2. How to select and manipulate shapes. 3. How to copy and extrude. 4. How to colour and texture polygons. 5. How to apply polygon attributes.
6. Surfaces and how to adjust their attributes. 7. How to use the extrusion editor. 8. Simple animation.
    9.More nimation.
10. How to boil an egg.
The current FAQ.
    When will the VREK be available?
    It's available NOW.
    How much will the VREK cost?
    The VREK is £249.00 + VAT in the UK, or $399.00 in the US. The only small additional charge is for carriage depending on where you are based.
    What support will I get?
    Support will be given by email through this Web page. We will try to answer any questions that are not covered in the user guide and if any questions come up frequently you will see the answers appear on this page. We will also post resources and updates here.
    Is the VREK Windows95 compatible?
    The VREK is an MS-DOS based product but like most MS-DOS based games has the ability to run in a full screen DOS box (even through Windows95). However for stereoscopic video modes you will need to use MS-DOS as Windows does not yet support the stereoscopic video modes we use. There are bound to be a few exceptions to the rules but we have tried the VREK on quite a few machines and this seems to be the case.
    Does MindRender support VRML?
    Absolutely! One of the great features of MindFormer is the ability to import and export VRML files, this allows you to use VRML objects from the Internet in your VR worlds or create complex or simple objects for your Web site. The benefit of using MindRender for your VRML objects is that MindRender allows you to create objects with low numbers of polygons which means when visitors to your site view the objects they will load quickly and be easier to manipulate.
    Where can I get a list of features for the VREK?
    Please e-mail to sales@themekit.com and we will send you the full specification list.
    What is the minimum system requirement for the MindRender Virtual Reality Explorer Kit?
    The MindRender Virtual Reality Explorer Kit runs on a 486 because it uses the MindRender real time 3D engine. However, the faster the machine the better. All our worlds were built using a Pentium 120 with 8Mb RAM, which is more than adequate. We suggest a Pentium 75 as a minimum spec machine for a satisfactory frame rate. Why not try our demo's on your machine to test it for yourself, this will give you a good indication of the speed you can expect.
    Do we support 3D accelerator graphics cards?
    Not yet. We are registered developers of the Virge S3 and 3DFX Voodoo chipsets, these and more are planned to be integrated into later releases of the MindRender Virtual Reality Explorer Kit.
    What about future upgrades?
    The MindRender Virtual Reality Explorer Kit uses a dongle for piracy protection which means that each user has a unique code generating system. This means that you can upgrade your software by simply phoning in your order with the generated code, download the upgrade over the Internet and typing in your code. This means that you can upgrade almost instantly. 

    Naturally, there will be minor upgrades and bug fixes available from our Web site as we go along for you to download. 

    Future planned upgrades include support for: stereo and true 3D sound, Windows 95 and NT, integration of more hardware support, VRML 2.x support, Intel MMX technology, hardware acceleration support.

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