Welcome to the object area. On this page you will find some example MindRender objects in their proprietory 'odt' format which can be viewed using any tool in the VREK package. These files have been compresses using pkzip and need to be decompressed using pkunzip which is available, under lisence, from here .

The zip files contain the object architecture file and possibly texture files, an animation file and a layers file.
Please note that these objects have all been created using tools from the VREK kit.

MORE FREE OBJECTS...(but without the thumbnail pictures)The following objects are free for VREK users to download and use as they wish. If you have an idea for an object which is not included in the VREK kit and which you think others would be interested in having, why not email an object request from our modellers at modellers@themekit.com and we will evaluate your idea. If we think the idea is worthwhile (and we have enough time!) we will email a copy of the object directly back to you and also include the object in the list below:

Plant1 (thanks to Ohio University)
Plant2  (thanks to Ohio University)
Plant3 (from Themekit)

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