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MindRender Demonstrations Page

Latest MindViewer Version 2.4 (Posted 29th August 1997)

Minimum Spec: 486 Dx2 66, 8Mb RAM.

MindViewer is a free viewer program for viewing Virtual worlds created using MindSetter and MindFormer.

If you have any of the following peripherals MindViewer is essential: Forte Technologies VFX1, Ilixco/Virtual i-O i-glasses, Stereographics Simuleyes, Spacetec SpaceOrb 360, CyberEye CE-200W, CyberTrack II Tracker, CyberMaxx VR Headset. It is the only free software available, that we know of, that has the ability to show your peripherals to their full potential.

Download MindViewer [Size=1,534,765 bytes] Zip format

Download the user manual and installation instructions, Word format MVManual.zip [Size=32,079 bytes]
Download any of the  
MindViewer scenes below  
(average 80K each) 
P=Fast Pentium recommended
Maths problem in a classroom scene.
Space station with animation and triggers. (P)
Art gallery.
Desert Island floppy disks, lots of animation, triggers and events.
Under water scene.
Large scale space scene. (P)
Kitchen with a chapel!
Under ground hangar. (P)
Themekit's virtual office foyer. (P)
To use these simply download them into your MindViewer directory before unzipping them. From the MindView directory type:
pkunzip scene.zip -d.
Scene.zip being the zip file you have downloaded.
If you have any scenes you have created please feel free to send them to us. You can email a single zip file, as long as it is not too large, to support.

MindFormer Demo v2.0 (Posted 26th May 1997)

Minimum Spec: Pentium Recommended, 8Mb RAM.

This is the first ever automatically running demonstration of MindFormer so download it now! You will witness at first hand the power of the VREK tools. Set the demo running and sit back and watch - then let your imagination do the rest.

Download the installation instructions README.TXT file [Size=3868 bytes]

Download the DEMO [Size=1592126 bytes]

MindRender Demo v4.4 (Posted 31st July 1997)

Minimum Spec: Pentium Recommended, 8Mb RAM.

Now Supports the SpaceOrb 360!

The MindRender Demo v.4.4 shows an example of a world built using the tools from our MindRender Virtual Reality Explorer Kit. This demo contains support for Virtual i.O i-glasses!, Forte Technologies VFX1 and VictorMaxx CyberMaxx2 Head Mounted Displays including tracking and stereoscopic modes. Other peripherals also supported by this demo are CyberPuck, Joystick (including joystick Cyberpuck), SpaceOrb 360, mouse and keyboard.

The latest MindRender Engine release has been used for this demo which shows the level of interaction achievable in a virtual world using Themekit's products.

NB: This demo features a menu system allowing you to modify virtual worlds immersively! We would like to thank The Shamen for permission to use some of their artwork within this demo. Why not visit The Shamen website, Nemeton

Download the README.TXT file [Size=about 24K Bytes]

Download the DEMO [Size=1383638 Bytes]

This MindRender demonstration requires the following: PC 486/66 (PENTIUM STRONGLY
RECOMMENDED), MS-DOS (v6.00 or later), 8Mb RAM, VGA card or SVGA card (note that an
SVGA card will enable stereoscopic and high resolution modes to be available). SoundBlaster
(TM) users with the card connected to the CDROM can take advantage of the CD jukebox facility
within the demo.

After downloading the demo, create a new directory in which to place the demo (eg. MINDREND).
Now copy DEMO.ZIP to your new directory and unzip the file using the -d option (this will unzip
DEMO.ZIP and recreate the directory structure required by the demo). To do this use the following
command from the DOS prompt: PKUNZIP -d DEMO.ZIP


From this page you can download demonstrations of applications built using MindRender.
Most of our demos are available as ZIP files. A shareware copy of PKUNZIP is available.
Themekit are licenced, by Atlantic Coast plc, to distribute PKUNZIP through our internet site.

Please read the readme.txt file contained within the zip file for the latest demo setup information.

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